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jQuery and JavaScript tutorials on this website may not be enough. Purchase an entire volume of jQuery tutorials in one book “Understanding jQuery” which contains over 190 pages of explanations, visual diagrams and source code.

jQuery Gems tutorial E-book PDF jQuery Gems jQuery Gems delivers a number of concise and informative jQuery tips in a simple and easy to read format.

This book contains explanations of basics JavaScript concepts such as events, closures, anonymous functions and the use of “this” variable in different contexts.

After these basic principles are grasped the reader is invited to learn from “gems”: simple examples that solve one specific problem or educates the reader about a certain way of doing things using jQuery.

The current edition of the book contains 46 gems and additional visual diagrams that help guiding the reader toward understanding how to use jQuery library.

This reference is great for beginners and web developers looking for direct, isolated examples of various jQuery techniques. Once fully understood, the knowledge gained from these individual examples will improve your overall effectiveness as a JavaScript and jQuery developer.

This book is best used as a reference book or in a sense – a brief jQuery dictionary. Each page contains just one, specific tip.

This book has been formatted for Kindle from its first edition which was originally available in PDF format from the author’s website This Kindle edition is unique. It was edited again on November 24th, 2013 and new chapters were added.

Title: Understanding jQuery
Release: April 2012
Pages: 75

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Understanding jQuery tutorial E-book PDF Understanding jQuery was the first E-book I’ve written. It’s been a lot of fun to write. And as you can tell, I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd while writing it.

I tried to cover more than just jQuery, and there is a section on JavaScript boot camp, that gets you up to speed with the basics.

Title: Understanding jQuery
Release: April 2012
Pages: 196

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Is there a difference between the two downloadable PDF e-books? Yes, both books are mutually exclusive with minimum overlap. In other words, one is designed to compliment the other by using different teaching style (Gems is more about practical examples, Understanding jQuery is a long JavaScript and jQuery course with intuitive clickable Table of Contents.)

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