jQuery Tutorials

This material is presented for educational purposes. It has taken many months to write, edit and organize these tutorials. Please share it with other programmers. Reader’s support is the only thing these tutorials have relied on from the beginning.

Getting Started with jQuery

jQuery programming has a great deal to do with CSS selectors. The following tutorials explain how to include jQuery on your page, followed by explanations of CSS selectors to get you started.

Main jQuery Tutorials

jQuery Plugins

Plugins are pre-written JavaScript objects that accomplish a certain task, for example add a calandar to your web page. You can add a plugin previously programmed by someone else to your web page and start using it for a specific purpose. In this section you will learn how to create your own jQuery plugins. A few examples of custom jQuery plugins are provided here for education.

Cheat Sheet Printout / Lookup Diagrams

jQuery programming is made simple using these downloadable printout lookup diagrams, visually displaying a correlation between jQuery methods and the properties of HTML elements. If you have a printer, it takes less than a minute to download and print them out.

Some diagrams that can help learning JavaScript.

A Few Other jQuery Tutorials

Getting Started with JavaScript

JavaScript Documentation

Since jQuery is a library written in JavaScript this section contains JavaScript tutorials that explain principles of writing JavaScript code.

Utility Scripts

JavaScript Tricks

Script Optimizations

JavaScript HTML5 GameDev Tutorials

Most recent YouTube JavaScript & HTML Video Tutorials:

Rats! WebGL hit a snag problem fixed in Chrome browser

This is probably not so much a jQuery issue, but if you’ve started delving into WebGL programming, and your Chrome browser settings are not properly configured, viewing WebGL content might cause the infamous Rats WebGL hit a snag message. This video tutorial explains how to fix it.

jQuery Tutorials