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Understanding jQuery is an easy to understand guide with thorough, yet simple explanations and visual diagrams. It's designed to widen your knowledge of jQuery - the cross-browser framework that simplifies JavaScript programming.

jQuery GEMS is a collection of easy to follow explanations that help you understand the logic and key principles behind jQuery programming.

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In the end, we want to understand jQuery because we want to get better at creating websites. Knowing only jQuery syntax and understanding its design also requires an understanding of JavaScript, the concepts of objects, functions, prototype, anonymous functions, closures and events because jQuery is a library written in JavaScript.

jQuery is a library of useful functions written in JavaScript. It offers easy, intuitive syntax and a quick learning curve. It's possible to start using jQuery right away knowing just a few CSS selectors and methods. But a true understanding of jQuery can be achieved only by studying underlying principles behind website construction including JavaScript, CSS and HTML. This book includes a few sections titled JavaScript Boot Camp which is a short but dense course. It's designed to bring absolute beginners up to speed but also offers something for intermediate and advanced programmers with its detailed explanations.

Include jQuery in your page and you are ready to get started. But knowing the intricate details of jQuery methods and in which situations they should be used is equally important. Half of jQuery programming is about using CSS selectors which grab HTML elements to execute jQuery methods on.

Multiple sections of this book explain how to work with jQuery events, apply CSS styles, animate HTML elements and how using jQuery techniques increases efficiency and improves productivity of writing dynamic web applications. The information in this volume is designed to strenghten your understanding of jQuery and JavaScript programming.

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This book is based on delivering a number of concise and informative jQuery tips. Each page contains just one example that solves one specific problem or educates the reader about a certain way of doing things using jQuery.

This reference is great for web developers looking for direct, isolated examples of various jQuery techniques. Once fully understood, the knowledge gained from these individual examples will improve your overall effectiveness as a JavaScript and jQuery developer. This book is best used as a reference book or in a sense - a jQuery dictionary. Each page contains just one, specific tip.

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