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Free Keyboard Practice Typing Game for Kids

To play, click on the "Start" button and begin typing words that appear falling from top of the screen. There are several words that will appear at once. You need to choose the word you want to type first. To do that, simply type the first letter it starts with, and you will be automatically locked in on that word, until you finish typing it completely. Keep typing and try to keep your accuracy high. With time your keyboard typing skills will begin to improve.

Accuracy is a free online typing practice game for kids. It's an easy and fun way to learn new words and improve spelling. The game started as a free online keyboard typing skill practice game (created using JavaScript and jQuery library) and eventually evolved into a typing game for kids / children / preschoolers, after graphics were added and words changed to something easy for children to type. This isn't a full-blown typing game with score boards and log ins, yet, but it is a start. As far as programming goes, the main typing mechanism was implemented using JavaScript's onkeyup and onkeydown events. This game tracks typing accuracy in percent. Type the words as they begin to fall down, the more words you can type in the faster the new words will appear.

Game history: Before writing my jQuery tutorial books I have worked on games for the Windows operating system. While exploring the inner workings of JavaScript by writing tutorials during the past several months, I began developing a lost interest in creating interactive computer graphics, aka games.

After looking at some of the games at the Chrome Experiments website, I became fascinated by the game called Z-type written by Dominic Szablewski. I wanted to create my own version. Knowing limitations of HTML, I noticed that there is nothing this game does that couldn't be imitated using div tags and the 2-dimensional CSS transforms (for 3D CSS demo see example on the spinning coke page.)

As limited as HTML is, it is enough to create a fun game. Based on the previous JavaScript demos, I knew it would probably take about a day to make. The result is shown above.

Just the weekly tutorials.